2. Every time I watch Remember the Titans



    From Bertier’s accident until the end:



  3. When someone asks me for book suggestions at work

    I’m like


  4. When my friend told me to calm down after His Last Vow

    I was like…


  5. When customers go on a rant about all the things they don’t like about our store

    I’m like….


  6. When my friend asks for a sip of my champagne

    I’m all



  7. During the Christmas season

    I’m like…


  8. When I have to go to work on Black Friday



  9. When people want to go out to expensive places

    I’m like


  10. Being single into my mid-twenties

    How I feel:

    How my mom feels: 


  11. Everyday before I walk through the door to go to work

    I have to remind myself…


  12. Talking to someone ridiculously good looking at the bar

    I’m all…


  13. When a customer fell asleep at my work and I had to wake them up

    I was like….


  14. When I’m at work and get yet another customer who rambles about nothing or complains about how expensive everything is

    I just wanna be like….



  15. After drinking way too much

    I yell at the empty bottle like…